Cassettes, Boothville – January 03, 1977

Cassettes, Boothville – January 03, 1977 Jason Scarabin

Wendolyn Fay “Wendy” Fitzgerald starts this one off saying the date of (what sounds like) January 30, 1976, but we weren’t in Indonesia until April 1976, so it’s presumed she meant 1977 and the 30th vs. the 3rd is also in question. Steve Fitzgerald sends lots of love to the Scarabin family in the beginning and then a woman named Sherry Deloach and her boyfriend talk, Helen Mae Wright Adolph, Jerolyn Adolph, Ethel Adolph Franicevich, Annie Adolph Chapman, Yvonne Adolph and Gail Portie all contribute to this episode. Note: the audio quality isn’t great.