Cassettes, Provo – Marian, who are you?

Cassettes, Provo – Marian, who are you? Jason Scarabin

Circa 1991, a fellow BYU student made this tape for me and I have nearly no recollection of who she is and she even admits on the tape she didn’t really know me either. She mentions many names, some of whom appear on the recording, including Cory, Ryan, Cindy, Martha, Nicky, Jennifer, Dusty, Danielle, Felicia and the last name of Collier (one of her grandmothers) and that her dad’s name is Bob. Besides her singing on the recording, she also put many songs – that I removed. She appeared very faithful in the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and even bears her testimony a bit on the recording. Help me find her so she can hear this 30-plus year old recording!