Cassettes, Boothville – January 24, 1978

Cassettes, Boothville – January 24, 1978 Jason Scarabin

Tuesday, January 24, 1978; Helen Mae Adolph fussing about Ma not writing once a week anymore; Uncle Larry Fitzgerald with the flu, and MawMaw wishes Uncle Larry would stop smoking; Gail and Brent Portie to the dentist, weight discussions of course, talks about so much rain, 6-8 inches in New Orleans, sandwiches.. Deron cried because Ma didn’t make him a sandwich and he’s almost 12, three guys who drowned.. Roy Hammond, his son and F.J. Smith’s son, Clarence talks about it too… talked with Armstrong and Jerry Fountain… PawPaw said they died of exposure and maybe a tornado and they died at about 2am… Aunt Annie upset about Rocky’s relationship but PawPaw said let it be… and Rocky will live in Grammy’s house; removed (music and some gossip), MawMaw again at the end talking about more rain.