Messages, Deron Patrick Scarabin – January 25, 27, 1997

Messages, Deron Patrick Scarabin – January 25, 27, 1997 Jason Scarabin

Back in my speeding days, Deron leaves a message about Nevada putting out a warrant for my arrest for not having paid a speeding ticket. Speeding occurred between Mesquite and Las Vegas heading south on I-15 likely going between 98-110mph. Paid in full but the message is a treasure.

Cassettes, Boothville – January 24, 1978

Cassettes, Boothville – January 24, 1978 Jason Scarabin

Tuesday, January 24, 1978; Helen Mae Adolph fussing about Ma not writing once a week anymore; Uncle Larry Fitzgerald with the flu, and MawMaw wishes Uncle Larry would stop smoking; Gail and Brent Portie to the dentist, weight discussions of course, talks about so much rain, 6-8 inches in New Orleans, sandwiches.. Deron cried because Ma didn’t make him a sandwich and he’s almost 12, three guys who drowned.. Roy Hammond, his son and F.J. Smith’s son, Clarence talks about it too… talked with Armstrong and Jerry Fountain… PawPaw said they died of exposure and maybe a tornado and they died at about 2am… Aunt Annie upset about Rocky’s relationship but PawPaw said let it be… and Rocky will live in Grammy’s house; removed (music and some gossip), MawMaw again at the end talking about more rain.

Cassettes, Tembagapura – April 1, 1977

Cassettes, Tembagapura – April 1, 1977 Jason Scarabin

April 1, 1977-Tembagapura, Marilyn, Josh “My baby” referring to Kessie, Deron elaborates on baseball and dodgeball where Amanda Bates hits him, Paul Schairer and Richard Chamberlain involved but don’t talk, Marilyn mentions new Mormon family the Lamberts, Joyce and Rudy, Gail and Bobby at parties, Jim and Brenda Felder; Josh talks about going back to MawMaw but not on a plane; Marilyn can’t believe Lynn got pregnant because she was so fat; fussed at everyone for having trouble pronouncing Kessie and what if they’d name her an Indonesian name.

Cassettes, Boothville – September 22, 1978

Cassettes, Boothville – September 22, 1978 Jason Scarabin

September 22, 1978; Helen Mae Adolph addresses Deron and Jason smoking “long white things”; Gail Portie, Helen again, Clarence talks about working on Uncle Nicky’s truck and is tired and addresses Jason’s sunburn; phone call with Wendy Fitzgerald and a Nelly; Brian Fitzgerald taking nap; Wendy Fitzgerald, Gail and kids come over to visit, some country music (removed) and silence (also removed).

Cassettes, Boothville – December 29, 1977

Cassettes, Boothville – December 29, 1977 Jason Scarabin

1977 December 29; Boothville, Helen Mae Wright Adolph, Sally Franicevich and Anthony Francovich, Ethel Franicevich; Judith Scarabin Willig, Leigh, Aunt Judy talks about her Charcoal Cadillac, Leigh and Roana both sing Christmas songs; Gail Portie stops by, discussion on religion, attending church; Quentin Evans whispers to Deron and Jason Scarabin; Radio Music (removed), MawMaw again, Rod Stewart song (removed), Rex Club burned down, Clarence and Helen Mae at the end.

Cassettes, Tembagapura – January 28, 1977

Cassettes, Tembagapura – January 28, 1977 Jason Scarabin

One of those bittersweet tapes that recorded over Bill and Jerolyn Evans (because that’s what was done as cassettes were frequently tough to get). January 28, 1977; Marilyn Scarabin says “1976” but that would have been impossible as we didn’t move to Tembagapura until April 27, 1976. Marilyn gives news of the day and Jason mentions about sleeping over at Bart’s house in the shed where trauma occurred; Deron and Josh talk, Dina the maid talks,

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