Music, Gravy – Jason Scarabin

Music, Gravy – Jason Scarabin Jason Scarabin

Gravy – Jason on guitar and singing his poem Gravy, April 26, 2015. Gravy was written on December 29, 2004 specifically for accomplished singer/songwriter Tim LaLonde.


Jump in gravy, that’s what I want to do today
Get it ready tonight and ready for morning, don’t
Don’t eat it, drink it then give it to me, please
Brown gravy with garlic, pickles and lawn chairs
Ride into town and grab a shovel for your peaches
You’ll find the gravy on the old man’s shelf, there
Go to the lumber yard and find a solid plank ok
We’ll strap it to your back and peel off the onion
Juiced spruced and loose to grab this goose
I’m higher than kites fly over the wicked city
I’m jumping in gravy today and I don’t care
I don’t care what the gravy thinks, I’m going
Crying for a minute about a mouse in my house
Saddle up Joanna, grab a banana and a fan pack
Create the ramp when weather strikes at eight
Spread the gravy on sideways and run like hell

Excerpt From
Let Me Be Your Bernie T.
Jason Scarabin

Music, Ink – Jason Scarabin

Music, Ink – Jason Scarabin Jason Scarabin

From July 19, 2014: Among the first attempts at bringing one of my poems (Ink, January 9, 2005 – in Let Me Be Your Bernie T. too) to life with music and singing using Apple’s Garage Band. Singing in the first part is hard to stomach but plow through and listen for the art that it is. Added some more voice to it today at the end. And as always, pitching my lyrics to accomplished or budding musicians who need words for their amazing music. I play and sing poorly but I got your words.


It’s hard to explain this feeling inside
My thoughts override everything outside
Crushing my will to eat and survive
Bringing to you what Harry keeps high
Typing your name and your life, I fight
Growing and decaying at the same time
Pursuing this alone, my eyes take flight
They wonder and wander into the night
Don’t feel I want you to think and drink
Take a sip grab a swig clink clink clink
Pen in your hand splatter the ink
Come to me touch me wink wink wink
Our parts together our souls apart
Our hearts apart our minds start
Who are you, my counterpart?
Who are you to mimic my art?
Go and stay, run and fall
Cry and pray, walk stand tall
Do what you have to, to get to the ball
Better get your dress, better not crawl
Whisper to me and tell me your life
I don’t want to know, feels like a knife
Think with me, squeeze tight take a bite
Oh come on heart, think and don’t be polite
Written at 06:49 AM Pacific Time, January 9, 2005

Excerpt From
Let Me Be Your Bernie T.
Jason Scarabin
Copyright © 2015 Jason Scarabin. All rights reserved.
ISBN: 9781483552330

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