Cassettes, Tembagapura – April 1, 1977

Cassettes, Tembagapura – April 1, 1977 Jason Scarabin

April 1, 1977-Tembagapura, Marilyn, Josh “My baby” referring to Kessie, Deron elaborates on baseball and dodgeball where Amanda Bates hits him, Paul Schairer and Richard Chamberlain involved but don’t talk, Marilyn mentions new Mormon family the Lamberts, Joyce and Rudy, Gail and Bobby at parties, Jim and Brenda Felder; Josh talks about going back to MawMaw but not on a plane; Marilyn can’t believe Lynn got pregnant because she was so fat; fussed at everyone for having trouble pronouncing Kessie and what if they’d name her an Indonesian name.

Cassettes, Tembagapura – January 28, 1977

Cassettes, Tembagapura – January 28, 1977 Jason Scarabin

One of those bittersweet tapes that recorded over Bill and Jerolyn Evans (because that’s what was done as cassettes were frequently tough to get). January 28, 1977; Marilyn Scarabin says “1976” but that would have been impossible as we didn’t move to Tembagapura until April 27, 1976. Marilyn gives news of the day and Jason mentions about sleeping over at Bart’s house in the shed where trauma occurred; Deron and Josh talk, Dina the maid talks,

Cassettes, Tembagapura – July 11, 1976

Cassettes, Tembagapura – July 11, 1976 Jason Scarabin

Marilyn Scarabin describes going to Amamapare (Portsite), rough trip, Deron sick, Jason describes going to Portsite from Tembagapura, Jeremiah boat was same boat from Port Sulphur, Deron and Jason give Bahasa Indonesia lesson, Marilyn mad at Jason for bursting water balloon all over the floor, Josh calling Ma “Mother” and Da “Father”

Cassettes, Tembagapura – December 26, 1976

Cassettes, Tembagapura – December 26, 1976 Jason Scarabin

Marilyn, Josh, Kessie, Deron, Jason and D.D. Scarabin at Christmas time in the jungle. Shackelfords had come over for dinner (but don’t talk on tape); Joyce Harsono, Australians’ Peter and Stan the helicopter pilot all make brief appearances. If anyone knows these gentlemen and their last names, please share and thank you!

Cassettes, Boothville – October 1978

Cassettes, Boothville – October 1978 Jason Scarabin

Helen Mae Wright Adolph reviews her trip to Texas and all the fun she had with her sister Beulah and and sister-in-law Ruth. About 20 minutes in, Marilyn Scarabin records 2-3 minutes from Tembagapura (it was common for tapes to be recorded over) then much more Helen and also Clarence Henry Adolph, Sr. talks about gardening and other topics.

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