Timeless Wax, Cans of Can Club

Timeless Wax, Cans of Can Club Jason Scarabin

Ideas for a Cannabis Club.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Jason Scarabin

Happy Thanksgiving wishes from both the Saunter region and Jason.

Timeless Wax, Mentryville

Timeless Wax, Mentryville Jason Scarabin

Empire Bridge weathered the storm despite the Blanket dweller’s crossy tour of Putzing Ridge.

Timeless Wax, Whistle Kite

Timeless Wax, Whistle Kite Jason Scarabin

Raky Bus clarifies the differences to the Richard Sinus Foundation as Jerry Selt Radiator makes a splash.

Timeless Wax, Brutal Wind

Timeless Wax, Brutal Wind Jason Scarabin

Qyter Steps angled towards Prizzy’s formula decidedly crushes Suckasee’s backyard.

Timeless Wax, Munich Kite Patches

Timeless Wax, Munich Kite Patches Jason Scarabin

Tiny morsels of friendship and love appear during Gelsing’s shift at Norma’s kitchen.

Timeless Wax, Ujung Pandang

Timeless Wax, Ujung Pandang Jason Scarabin

Wave runners decide against storming the angled feathers of Putin’s weak march onward.

Timeless Wax, Botor Uncles

Timeless Wax, Botor Uncles Jason Scarabin

Vladdy P. scrambles to conceal his weakness.

Cassettes, Louisa Piacun Jochum Chapters 2-4

Cassettes, Louisa Piacun Jochum Chapters 2-4 Jason Scarabin

Lou continues her story to include some nuggets about the marriage of her parents, Thomas Piacun to Adelaide Scarabin (Francois’ daughter). Her dad had to ask Mrs. Elodie (Francois’ wife) Buras Scarabin for Adelaide’s hand in marriage and Cyprien didn’t like it as he didn’t like Elodie marrying Francois. Lou also goes into more detail about her parents buying the restaurant where they were among the first to welcome ALL customers.

**audio difficult to correct so you’ll hear a whirring which can be unbearable at times

Timeless Wax, Beckle Drizzle

Timeless Wax, Beckle Drizzle Jason Scarabin

Barricades of sea wine kept out the mirrored guilt brigade.

Timeless Wax, Capply Jonuzant

Timeless Wax, Capply Jonuzant Jason Scarabin

Tolerance for the no-fun-zones reaches zero.

Timeless Wax, Disco Jumpers

Timeless Wax, Disco Jumpers Jason Scarabin

Grassy Head populace roars with excitement as Gemini Crickets confirm laughter guides all.

Timeless Wax, Pomm Nine

Timeless Wax, Pomm Nine Jason Scarabin

Three-week long parties began as the life-lovers declared a big victory.

Timeless Wax, Keelok Dequat

Timeless Wax, Keelok Dequat Jason Scarabin

Tojo Tamers managed to get all thirty-one bars on the same page.