Timeless Wax, Tumiduale

Timeless Wax, Tumiduale Jason Scarabin

Aisle 7 gets a makeover.

Timeless Wax, Guy Bus

Timeless Wax, Guy Bus Jason Scarabin

Dirty crow story.

Timeless Wax, Desk Agent 2

Timeless Wax, Desk Agent 2 Jason Scarabin

Drift to dream in this third bit from Timeless Wax.

Timeless Wax, James River

Timeless Wax, James River Jason Scarabin

Deeper into the wax journey.

Timeless Wax, Pentagration

Timeless Wax, Pentagration Jason Scarabin

Introduction to upcoming Timeless Wax.

Weed This Book, Chapter 11 (Tapiel)

Weed This Book, Chapter 11 (Tapiel) Jason Scarabin

A precursor to this amazing special guest Tapiel.

Weed This Book, Chapter 7

Weed This Book, Chapter 7 Jason Scarabin


Commentary, Jashreed

Commentary, Jashreed Jason Scarabin

Encouragement to read the book.

Weed This Book, Chapter 9

Weed This Book, Chapter 9 Jason Scarabin

In this pilot episode: read.


2016 Jason Scarabin

Iconoclasm over acquiescence is a lonely road. Dare to be different and a heavy social, and eventually economic, price is paid. That dare to self is never the foundation on which one begins or rests this sad and lonely journey but it could be the initiator. An iconoclast cannot simply use the need to be different as a driving force or his arguments will not sustain themselves.

The journey frequently begins by reading or getting exposed to another iconoclast. The well-established iconoclast is strong, so the inspiration in kind thereby has a strong effect. This near-hero worship blinds the new recruit into delusions of grandeur.

I embraced the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Her dogmatic approach to government struck a chord within me. The underlying theme was rejection of force which led to my second, and more of a nail in the coffin, iconoclastic hero: Christopher Hitchens, who lambasted religion night and day, an anti-theist.

Despite embracing Rand’s philosophy, I was so detached from politics that I didn’t have a name for my philosophy as it pertained to government until a dear friend labeled it for me: libertarian.

In short, libertarian philosophy rejects the force of government in personal and economic lives. One could argue that many of the authors of the United States new government in the late 18th century embraced this philosophy, particularly Thomas Jefferson. Outright rejection of laws restricting personal and economic behavior sits at the foundation.

Because of human tendencies and weakness, vast majorities will outwardly condemn this philosophy. It has the implication of encouraging lawlessness throughout the land but more devastating is that it implies having no compassion for the helpless, both of which are not true for anyone not a control freak.

In short, anti-theism philosophy rejects the influence of the supernatural in all its forms and actively fights religion. One could argue that at least some of the authors of the United States new government too embraced this philosophy, particularly Thomas Paine. Outright rejection of celestial, invisible dictatorship from on high sits at the foundation.

Because of human tendencies and weakness, vast majorities will condemn this philosophy not only in public but privately too. Fear of death and the unknown, hope for eternal life, and an overall need to live in servitude coupled with firmly-held traditions drive theism.

When a person expresses views completely opposite of another, there is not only friction but separation in all its definitions. The defense mechanism is to avoid negativity, shame and anything that would put a target on one’s back. Most are consumed with enough stress in their own lives that the status quo alleviates the spread of more stress and anxiety. We are driven to comfort and pleasure, not discomfort and pain.

An embrace of philosophy that rejects force in all forms will not only reveal really deep, natural human behavior in oneself but in others. Friendship circles will vanish. Your same need to disassociate with negativity will also be executed by those around you and you’ll find yourself alone on an island. In essence, you’ve traded toxicity for inconsolable grief – and so have they.

Both parties have placed the other into a container in which neither one belongs. Neither party has the will to reconcile the differences.  Those schisms have been hashed out too many times – if one is lucky enough to get to hashing. The debates require staggering amounts of strength that too often has lay dormant near atrophy.

To overcome this devastation on relationships, both sides making some concessions may be necessary. Find common ground to teach and learn the other side.

TRICTION: Mentally Disordered

To express my excitement for my upcoming first actual novel is thrilling!  I hope you’ll enjoy it.  It’s going to be available sometime after April 19, 2017 from all e-book retailers.  Print copies will be available sometime in May 2017.

Dylan Pritchard traverses his unstable mind through years of travel to and from a waterfall.  He’s taken away by a group of strange, but interesting and highly successful people to a remote desert location.  After only a day at Monterey Station, he’s abruptly yanked and brought back to face his own reality.  This reality is the discovery of what the waterfall meant to him then and now.

Allopurinol for Gout

Sometime in 2001, I had the worst physical pain of my life in the form of Gout in my big toe.  At the time, I had no idea what was causing the pain but I knew that the day before I’d consumed wine and walked several miles – not a typical activity for me at the time.  Ignorantly, I placed a water pack on it but it made the pain worse.  Once diagnosed, my friend and co-worker Lucas humorously suggested that King Henry VIII was the last person to have the condition.

Years passed with only one or two flares until the fall of 2015.  It struck in one toe, then the other and back again.  I was under a full scale assault and could only hit up the urgent care.  On the first visit, they gave me Colchicine and Prednisone which wiped it right out.  Unfortunately, it was back within weeks and began oscillating between toes again until it decided to hit my right wrist.  Ouch!  This time it was clear I had to get to a doctor.

A short visit concluded with another prescription of Colchicine and Allopurinol.  For years, I’d resisted requesting the allopurinol because I don’t like the idea of being dependent on any prescription medication.  This stuff works!  It is not a pain medication but rather a preventative medicine.  My overall health appears to have improved dramatically since starting nearly 2 weeks ago.  The first week, I took 1-100mg pill per day.  The second week which is almost done, I’m taking 2-100mg pills per day.  The third week, I’ll take 3-100mg per day.  It feels like my entire body has been flushed of toxins and garbage.  My urine is darker which at the very least gives me the psychological relief that I’m getting rid of junk acid.

If you’re on the fence about Allopurinol, reconsider.  Your life deserves it!