Cassettes, Boothville – 1976 unknown

Cassettes, Boothville – 1976 unknown Jason Scarabin

Yvonne and Emmett Adolph, Quentin Evans, Helen Mae Adolph, Jerolyn Sue Adolph Evans, Crazy story about Sylvester Martinez attacking Clarence Henry Adolph, Sr. Radio (Yuratich DJ)  supposed to be with Uncle Bill…. some music (99% removed) too including Gene Ragas’ song about “Buras”; Jerolyn Sue again, Bill Evans again, Lisa Adolph, Gail Portie, Brent Portie, Blake Portie.

Cassettes, Boothville – November 19, 1976

Cassettes, Boothville – November 19, 1976 Jason Scarabin

November 19, 1976 – Helen Mae Adolph, Wendy, Steve Fitzgerald talk on this one. Blake Portie was a brand new baby in the family and they talk about him. Helen Mae talks about Paul Morgan, owner of the Brown Derby where my parents met, murdered with a truck and about some woman who killed the wrong man.

Cassettes, Port Sulphur – 1976

Cassettes, Port Sulphur – 1976 Jason Scarabin


Jerolyn Sue Adolph and Bill Evans talk about movies, basketball and snapshot of time in Port Sulphur; probably 1976. Challenging to pinpoint the exact dates of this recording and if someone can help, please do and thank you! Bill Evans talks basketball, crime and church robbery; Quentin Evans also talks a bit, Monday 21st, Wednesday 22nd are both mentioned as dates.

Cassettes, Boothville – June 10, 1976

Cassettes, Boothville – June 10, 1976 Jason Scarabin

From June 10, 1976, Helen Mae Adolph, Wendy and Steve Fitzgerald, Craig Bergeron talks swimming lessons, Mike Adolph indicates the Mosquito Man may have passed through the area; John Dirk and Wendy Fitzgerald testing; Mike June 11, Craig Bergeron again, Helen Mae again, June 17 thursday, Carry Out Feelings Nazareth (playing in background, couldn’t remove; ALL copyright belongs to proper copyright holders), Helen Mae more then Ode to Billy Joe but removed song.

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